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The Creative Process

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The Initial Contact

When you contact Ponce Design Build, we will inquire about the goals for your remodeling project and discuss it’s feasibility in conjunction with your budget, long and short term plans and neighborhood. We’ll provide you with the best service and advice for your remodeling project and work to turn your dreams into reality.

On-Site Complimentary Consultation

The initial contact shall be followed by an on-site consultation where we will take a closer look at your home space and existing conditions. At this point, we will discuss, in more detail, your goals and possible solutions. We will also make sure you fully understand the remodeling process.

Contract Signing

Next, we will sign a construction agreement. At this meeting, we will review the plans, project scope, designs, and finish selections and answer any remaining questions. We’ll describe the anticipated remodeling process so that you’ll know what to expect of us. We’ll advise you as to how and what impact on your routine there might be during the construction. Our goal is to minimize any imposition on your lifestyle.


Construction begins with a review of the documentation. We will present you with a copy of your agreement along with additional project information. During the project we will have progress meetings to make sure that we are proceeding according to the contract. Upon completions we will have a final walk through with you to identify any areas that may need “fine tuning” and leave you to enjoy your new space.