Why You Should Have a Guest Bath in Midtown and Johns Creek, GA

have-a-guest-bath-in-MidtownMany people say the kitchen is the heart of the home, but the bathroom definitely comes in a close second. The fact is, most new homes are built with more than 1 bathroom for a reason – people demand it! This is what makes a guest bath such a desirable home addition during a home remodeling project. Even if a bathroom remodel is not part of the overall home expansion, adding a guest bathroom is well worth looking into. Consider the reasons below:

Privacy – A bathroom dedicated to guests means no more worrying about guests going through your personal items or having to use a bathroom that is less than tidy. Keep your personal areas private and have a designated bathroom for guests. Let everyone in the family know that keeping this guest bathroom ready is a must!

Comfort – You can never have too many bathrooms. Even when it’s just the family and no guests in your home, there is always a chance that multiple people need to use the bathroom at the same time. A home expansion, featuring an additional guest bathroom, offers extra comfort and peace of mind for your family.

Resale Value – According to the National Home Builders Association, “additions that bring bathrooms in line with bedrooms will likely return a bigger portion of their investment.” While a bathroom addition does not necessarily increase a home’s value significantly, it does help beat the odds recouping your investment.

Maximum Resale Potential – The NHBA also found that home buyers prefer homes with nearly a bathroom per bedroom. For example, a 3 bedroom home should have at least 2 full bathrooms and a half bath. This is usually a deal breaker and homes with only 1 bath are nearly impossible to sell quickly.

Are you ready to get started with adding a guest bath to your home? Whether you need an extensive home expansion or a minor bathroom remodel, we’ve got the experience to ensure your home remodel project is stress-free and flows smoothly. Give us a call today at 404.734.7343 to see why we are one of the premier contractors in Midtown and Johns Creek, as well as Georgia’s entire Atlanta metro area.