3 Most Requested Features for Basement Remodels in John Creek Atlanta, GA

3-Most-Requested-Features-for-Basement-Remodels-in-John-Creek-and-Atlanta-GAGeorgia homes tend to come with unfinished basements, making this a popular choice for home improvement projects. The possibilities for additional living space without the cost of a home expansion is beguiling, particularly when it comes to three basic features.

The most sought after features homeowners typically want when renovating their basements tend to be the ones which make the space more comfortable and reduce drafts, darkness, and dreariness. Homeowners want their living spaces to be cozy and inviting.

The most basic need humans have is that of warmth. Given the damp and dreary vibe of an unfinished basement, this area is the first that homeowners need to improve. Warmth can be added by features like wood paneling on walls or earth tones for the paint. Natural accents like indoor plants also go a long way to improve the coziness of the space.

Basements are known for being dark and creepy. It is no wonder that an essential aspect of designing a basement remodel is considering lighting options. You want plenty of light, including some natural sources. Using daylight bulbs in lighting fixtures is important, as is having a variety of lighting spread throughout the entire space. Designing windows is a crucial area in order to maximize the amount of natural daylight and reduce shadowy corners.

Increasingly, flooring has taken on greater importance when it comes to designing welcoming spaces. Natural flooring that is easy to maintain is both practical and can enhance warmth and coziness in living spaces. One interesting approach is to use cork as a way to minimize maintenance and maximize comfort.

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